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coming. we are thrilled to host mayor lee and bloomberg at the square. i have had the privilege to get to know them for the past few years. they are great with technology and
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we are thrilled to have them. as many of you know, i want to describe the environment we are in. in 2009 when my cofounder lost $2,000 on a glass sculpture because they wouldn't accept credit cards. he called me on the smartphone and we decided to change something and build a reader for him to use. it was the easiest ways for all sizes to accept credit cards. it became more than just a way to accept payments and we saw businesses grow and help to grow the economy in their communities. just as technology connected jim and me, this technology has a way to create
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these communities and san francisco and soma and new york and so ho. we are creating that technology. it's key to our economic growth. right across the street, it connects both cities. it's grown to a small network of cafes all over san francisco including new york. it's important to bring together these business leaders and mayor lee cares deeply about these issues. i would like to introduce mayor lee. it's with his support that san francisco has become a leading example how government and business can work to together to spur economic growth.
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[ applause ] >> thank you, jack. thank you for giving us a tour. it remarkable what you have done here and kind of revolutionizing the way we pay for services and products and eventually the topics i like is philanthropy. thank you for inviting us here. mayor bloomberg, welcome back in san francisco and it's great to see you here. you have been a champion and a great leader and it's nice to see the opportunities for me and other mayor's across the country to get these practices down and receive, i think your very practical advice that i always appreciate because that means for me making less mistakes. i love to do that. i also want to
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thank ron conway, the head of our sf city for being such a great partner because in that partnership what we do what new york has been doing and working in a public private setting and creating opportunities not only for great companies to be here and joining and link them up to what government is concerned about to improve lives and this is what sf has to do with also with new york. i want to give a shot out to the squares. [ applause ] i had the experience of walking through a procurement and what it would be like for thousands of businesses and medium in all businesses. you are a great talent to have here in san francisco. i want to thank you for allowing us to share this
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and hopefully in the new market, i know jack and i have talked about for many months ever since the twitter marketing and what that was all about and joining the companies that help me to create jobs and also create the future of this great city. you can also be able to help me do a lot of cleaning up in the south market and tenderloin. that's the great spirit of having the employees here in downtown and part of a great exciting evolving city of san francisco. today we are here to make a very strategic announcement. an announcement that not only benefits our two great cities but suggest that we can contribute to the whole cultural movement of this country by having a digital summit, if you will, that we saw last october that mayor bloomberg brought many of us to new york to participate in the
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first technology summit. bloomberg's philanthropy sponsored and we learned a lot and saw some very good examples that we thought it would be wonderful for our two cities, bloomberg philanthropy and what us both as mayor's do which is bring our experience to each other and offer an opportunity for other mayor's to join us in a great summit. in september 30th, of this year, we'll be in new york to kickoff the first two planned summit meetings. inviting other cities to participate and develop an agenda and talk about and not only what the city and businesses can do with us but also increasing technology and where we find the comfort in
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areas that are corner stone for economic in the country. i'm talking about education, infrastructure, arts and culture. how does the technology help us continue so we don't see this as the bubble that some people continue to expect it, but to see it as the foundation for economic recovery and expansion all across the country. i will be very interested in the topics, not only covering those parts of the format but also areas of immigration, public safety, thing s that i know technology employees want to have housing to make it more affordable for all of you that live and stay here. the big secret is, if you keep the talent, those interested living in the city, then the jobs will be here, the expansion jobs will be here. if you spend time in education,
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not only will you have greater work force, you will have a work force sustaining for future. i'm working on all that that. all of these will be part of the new york summit that new york will sponsor and in september, that will be right part of our innovation month. in early 2014 we'll have a similar event hosted here in san francisco. this will be a great way to have our two cities work together with our private partners. i know that between us, mayor bloomberg, we have our rivalries and compassionate collaboration going on. whether it's our giants playing your mets or yankees or your giants playing 49ers or whether it's brooklyn bridge or golden gate bridge, i
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think they are great compliments for our city and we strategically continue to learn what that has done and how you sped that out to all of us. the only thing i will say in this competition is you have something that i enjoy not having, that is removing snow every winter. that's something i enjoy not having to do here in this city. apart from that, i think we have a lot more passion about what we do as cities, what we create for people, how we signal the culture of american through our cities. you, all of you in this room are part of here in san francisco. i thank you for being here and thank all of you for attending the announcement of our sum it's and the role of technology. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> mr. mayor, let me start out by saying climate change has taken away any snow. we really haven't had many snowy winters. thank you for having us. you have done a hell of a job. i think everybody respects everything you have done and we look forward to the next great improvement in our lives. ed, i have watched you as a protem mayor and you said you weren't going to run and we got over that one. you have done a great job in this city and i think if there is another city in the united states that i would consider living in, which i'm not doing, but if i did, it would be san francisco. there
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is a culture here and an excitement and diversity that is everything that america stands for and you've done a great job. i did hear, jack, that you were thinking about running for mayor? >> that could be interesting if you think about it, 148 campaign speeches, 6 second campaign videos and your big pledge that everyone can pay their taxes using square. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> i think i speak for the mayor, both of us are happy we don't have to run again. truthfully we are thrilled that twitter and square are growing in new york city as well as in san francisco and city hall and bloomberg philanthropy when the east coast host the summit.
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like san francisco, new york has already had success in building the city. it's also embraced the culture of this sector and it's an example of the city and tech sector to create jobs and for the economic future and what people forget about is the high tech jobs create a lot of low tech jobs and we are all in this together in the support services and any type of economic activity spreads through the entire economy. it is a great example of everybody working together. city economic development is the engine of our nation and we need to provide an environment with start ups that can flourish and if we do that, all the the grid
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lock in washington, our economy will grow. i would reach to everybody to remember that everybody has problems, every government has problems. when you look at america, we've had 235 years of dysfunction and it's doing well so far. maybe it comes with the territory. san francisco has shown how government can function and the citizens of san francisco and the whole region are benefit ting from it. we've had something like a 30 percent in tech growth. this is what we call the big app instead of the
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big apple. in the next decade the capital will continue to grow. last year it was like a hundred new york city based companies that acquired $1.8 billion. it's just the beginning. if you think about san francisco and new york, the future couldn't be brighter because tech business is where the business is where people want to go. if intellectual capital is what your business requires, i don't think you can find two cities in the country that can provide that better than san francisco and new york. in new york we work very hard to bring universities like the university you have here just south of here that is so known for creating the world that we live in today. we are trying to bring that to new york and we have the cornell university, one of the great ivy league schools opening a graduate campus. it's

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